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Indium Corporation is pleased to announce several key promotions within its Research and Development (R&D) team. Dr. Jie Geng has been promoted to the role of Senior Research Metallurgist, while Dr. Sihai Chen, Dr. Guangyu Fan, and Jim Hevel have all been promoted to the role of Senior Research Chemist.

In their new roles, these team members assume responsibility for leading research projects and working innovatively to deliver timely solutions for both customers and the market. This encompasses the design, implementation, and adjustments of experiments; analyzing the root cause of product failures and testifying solutions; and training and leading research associates in laboratory projects and works.

“As a company built on perpetual innovation, Indium Corporation believes in fostering an industry-leading R&D department,” said Dr. Yan Liu, Director, Global R&D. “The promotions of Dr. Geng, Dr. Chen, Dr. Fan, and Mr. Hevel are well earned and representative of our commitment to remaining at the forefront of materials science.”

Dr. Geng

Dr. Geng joined Indium Corporation in 2017 as a Research Metallurgist. Since that time, he has excelled in technology development, as demonstrated by his recent success with Indalloy®292 and Durafuse® HR. He holds a doctorate degree in metallurgy, a master’s degree in materials science, and a bachelor’s degree in materials science and engineering.

Dr. Chen

Dr. Chen joined Indium Corporation in 2007. He holds a doctorate degree in physical chemistry from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is a Six Sigma Green Belt, and is certified as an IPC Specialist for IPC-A-610.

Dr. Fan

Dr. Fan joined Indium Corporation in 2011. He has a doctorate degree in polymer chemistry and physics, a master’s degree in polymer chemistry, and a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. He is also a graduate of the Dale Carnegie Leadership Skills for Success program.


Hevel has been with Indium Corporation since 2004 and has over 30 years of wave flux product development experience. He has been a driving force behind several of Indium Corporation’s successful products, including the recent award-winning CW-818. He holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Michigan State University.

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