Is Payday 3 matchmaking down? Current server status

September 23, 2023: It seems players are continuing to encounter troubles matchmaking. Starbreeze says players should be able to create lobbies again, but some issues still persist.

Are Payday 3 servers down? The third installment in the Payday series went straight to the top of the Steam best sellers chart on release day, but its immediate success came with a downside as servers were slammed, matchmaking crashed, and error codes started popping up. While developer Starbreeze has been open with communication and quick to fix issues, there may still be a rocky road ahead.

For most multiplayer games, server issues come with the territory. When too many people try to play the game at once, sometimes those servers just can’t hack it. Payday 3 is no different, and too many heisters spoil the… heist. Or something. In fact, since Payday 3 is an ‘always online’ co-op game, there’s no real way to get around it. If you’re having issues, here’s the current lowdown on whether Payday 3 matchmaking is down right now.

Is Payday 3 matchmaking down?

Payday 3 servers appear to be having issues again as players are experiencing difficulty matchmaking. Developer Starbreeze says that “things are starting to look better” but notes, “you still might have a few issues, bear with us while we focus on stabilizing!”

In an update posted to its Twitter/X account on the morning of Saturday September 23, the developer comments that Payday 3 improvements mean players should be able to create lobbies and matchmake again. However, some players still say they’re unable to get into the game’s servers.

Depending on what’s happening, there might be some ways around the problem. If you experience matchmaking problems, you could always try playing Payday 3 solo, but even invite-only matchmaking appears to be having issues due to Payday 3 being ‘always online’. If you can’t get into the game at all or are experiencing a Payday 3 error code, you might have to just wait it out.

A statement from the Payday 3 Twitter profile regarding Payday 3 server downtime and matchmaking issues.

What is the Payday 3 server status?

Starbreeze is being incredibly transparent about the Payday 3 server status as it changes, and has confirmed that current matchmaking issues are being “continuously” communicated via their Twitter profile.

Regarding the Payday 3 release date matchmaking and server issues, Starbreeze released the following statement: “The release of PAYDAY 3 is the culmination of many years of hard work, and seeing the reactions during the first hours was fantastic for all of us. We are of course incredibly disappointed that the infrastructure didn’t hold up as expected, and although it’s impossible to prepare for every scenario – we should be able to do better. We will work tirelessly until we have restored all services and our players can get to heisting again without issues.”

When the Payday 3 server status is a green light, smiley face, or check mark, make sure you are ready with the best Payday 3 weapons for the best chance of success in every one of the Payday 3 heists. If servers are offline, perhaps you could try one of our favorite stealth games and hacking games to keep your brain in heist mode.

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