Is Stellar Blade coming to PC?

When is Stellar Blade coming to PC? Shift Up, the developers of Stellar Blade, originally planned to bring Stellar Blade (previously known as Project Eve) to PC when it was revealed back in 2019, but Sony’s involvement saw the game become a PlayStation 5 exclusive title in 2021. With the overwhelming success of Sony’s multiplatform strategy, the future is bright for PC users as Sony continues to bring its library of console-exclusive titles over to the platform.

Like the best action-adventure games out there, Stellar Blade is incredibly stylish and flashy, equipping players with an arsenal of weapons to crush Earth’s alien invaders. If slaying horrible creatures doesn’t come naturally to you, we’ve got you covered with our best Stellar Blades skills guide to get the most out of Eve’s abilities. Read on to find out when you can expect to play Stellar Blade on PC in the future.

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Is Stellar Blade coming to PC?

Judging by Sony’s usual release cadence, we believe Stellar Blade will launch on PC some time between Q2 2024 and Q2 2025. As of right now, Stellar Blade has not been confirmed to come to PC. That being said, Sony’s current multiplatform strategy leads us to believe that the action game could come to PC this year. 

Of course, there’s no guarantee that that Stellar Blade will launch on PC, but the odds heavily suggest that it could. Sony has already launched a number of PlayStation exclusive titles on PC this year: Helldivers 2, Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition, and Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut. With Until Dawn also scheduled to launch at some point this year, we could see another two games make their way onto Steam and the Epic Game Store.

There’s usually a two-year gap between Sony first party releases launching on PS5 and when they’re released on PC. However, Sony-published games like Helldivers 2 have dropped anywhere between launch and one year. It’s also worth noting that Sony has no plans to release any first party games this fiscal year. Sony may make up for the loss of revenue by investing in its multiplatform strategy, launching PS5-exclusive titles like Stellar Blade and God of War Ragnarok on PC.

And that’s all the information we have on whether Stellar Blade is coming to PC. Don’t forget to check out our Stellar Blade impressions piece to find out what we thought about Shift Up’s first foray into the console space. We also have a list of upcoming PC games if you’re interested in what’s coming out later in the year.

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