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Is Your Phone Getting Android 15? Check the List!

2024 will see the launch of yet another Android update, and soon after, wave after wave of phone updates. Even before most companies complete their Android 14 rollouts, we have a pretty good idea of which phones will receive the Android 15 upgrade, and share with you a list of the phones that should be updated to the new 2024 Android version below.

Even before Google announced Android 15 reached “platform stability”, it was possible to test the development versions on selected phones. Brands such as Honor, Nothing, OnePlus, Oppo, Xiaomi, and others announced their own official test programs, indicating which phones should get the update first.

Note: Since the system is not yet official, this list is based on the official policies from the different manufacturers, taking into account the fact that Android 15 should launch around October.

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As the flagship series for the Android operating system, the Pixel phones will be the first to receive the update. Android 15 is expected to launch with the future Pixel 9 phones, with a simultaneous update for the following phones:

Google Pixel 8 vs. Google Pixel 8 Pro
The Pixel 8 phones are the first in line for the Android 15 update. / © nextpit

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Google Pixel 8


Samsung has been delivering on its promise of better supporting its phones, after many (truly many) years of lackluster updates. The South Korean company currently offers a clear software policy for its phones, allowing its customers to know how long their phones will be kept updated against security threats.

Galaxy phones promised to receive Android 15:

An editor holding the Samsung Galaxy A14 mimicking Brent Rambo meme
Even the entry-level Galaxy A14 is promised the Android 15 update. / © nextpit

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Samsung Galaxy A54


With the Chinese giant currently migrating from MIUI to HyperOS, we hope to see Xiaomi further improve its update policy to match (or better) Samsung’s, but only time will tell.

For now, we can count on the company’s official list of security updates to know which phones are promised the Android 15 upgrade. Additionally, we marked in italics Xiaomi models that are promised the Android 15 update but are not part of the Android Enterprise program.

Xiaomi phones in the Android 15 beta test:

Xiaomi devices promised to be updated to Android 15:

Xiaomi 13 Ultra
The flagship Xiaomi 13 Ultra is promised the Android 15 update. / © nextpit

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Xiaomi 13T Pro


OnePlus managed to match Samsung’s software update policy in the flagship space, and not only that, managed to silence its critics by launching truly interesting phones in 2023 such as the OnePlus Open. We are pretty certain of which OnePlus flagships will receive Android 15, but the same cannot be said about the mid-range Nord models.

OnePlus phones in the Android 15 beta test:

OnePlus phones expected to receive Android 15:

A person reading an article on the OnePlus Open main screen
The OnePlus Open launched with Android 13 but is promised both the Android 14 and 15 upgrades.  / © nextpit

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OnePlus Open


With a small phone lineup, Sony has been pretty consistent when it comes to Android updates, even if the Japanese company has not really committed to an official update policy. These are the Xperia phones expected to receive the Android 15 update:

Xperia phones expected to receive Android 15:

Sony Xperia 5 V
The camera-focused Xperia 5 V should receive Android 15 if Sony doesn’t change its update strategy. / © nextpit

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Sony Xperia 5 V


The Taiwanese company’s Android commitment was briefly questioned in 2023, with rumors about a possible end of the Zenfone line quickly denied by Asus. Its small flagship lineup and short update policy—traditionally only two Android upgrades—makes for a very short list of Zenfone and ROG Phones receiving the Android 15 update:

Asus ROG Phone 7
The Asus ROG Phone 7 Ultimate is receiving Android 14 but should also be updated to the 15th version. / © nextpit

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Asus Zenfone 10

Other brands

In addition to the models above, these brands are also taking part in the Android 15 public beta test:


Nothing Phone (2) review
Nothing is committed to offer three years of Android upgrades. / © nextpit

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Nothing Phone (2)



Other brands and devices

This list will be updated once brands announce their update schedules. Did we forget a specific model? Please let us know in the comments!

Article updated in June 2024 with additional models and public beta instructions.

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