ITU approves R&S network interactivity test


R&S’ Interactivity Test has been approved by the ITU as a standardized test procedure to evaluate 5G network performance for real-time, interactive applications. Defined in Recommendation ITU-T G.1051, the Interactivity Test measures round-trip latency, packet delay variations, packet error rates, and proofing bit rates to identify network issues that affect the quality and reliability of real-time and interactive services.

The test methodology measures latency under real network load conditions. The load patterns can be adjusted to specific use cases. All low-layer information on the packet service level is available, and an over-the-top assessment generates a network interactivity score. Information from the test can help identify data transmission bottlenecks.

According to R&S, the Interactivity Test is more granular than legacy data tests. It helps optimize network infrastructure for real-time and interactive use cases, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. Moreover, it aims to improve quality of experience (QoE) and quality of service (QoS).

Interactivity Test can be used with any Rohde & Schwarz active mobile network testing solution. To learn more about Interactivity Test solutions, click here.

Rohde & Schwarz 

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