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Kinto – The L2 for Finance.

Kinto - The L2 for Finance.

This post is from the Kinto.XYZ blog. We are launching our community, and wanted to share what we are all about. Kinto is a layer 2 blockchain designed specifically for finance. Kinto has multiple features and core product offerings that make it different from any other L2.

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Kinto was born from the ashes caused by the hacks, misery, failures, broken promises, and outright scams that came out of the 2019–2023 crypto markets. Web3 exploded in popularity, and people flocked to these permissionless blockchains to participate in a new financial system dubbed “DeFi”. DeFi stands for so much, and can be so much more than it is today — With Kinto.

We are calling and welcoming everyone who wants to see a more fair, open, and transparent financial system. This is not just a journey, but a hero’s call. We are calling those who want to build on top of a safe, resilient and mature L2. We are calling for developers and institutions looking to issue assets onchain that have unique compliance requirements like RWA protocols. On Kinto they can achieve composability, an improved user onboarding experience, and access to institutional capital. We are also calling for users that have been burned way too many times from siren calls by scammers & hackers.

We are looking for those who believed in an open, trustless economy but were met with losses from exploits. We are preparing special surprises for you.

Safe, Compliant, and Decentralized.

Kinto is the first KYC’ed Layer 2 capable of supporting both modern financial institutions and decentralized protocols


We give retail the benefits of crypto (non-custodial, transparency, decentralization) with a familiar UI/UX. Safe from DeFi scams and hacks.


We give developers contract secured revenue, and the building blocks to build safer and compliant (KYC/AML) Dapps.


We give institutional investors the tools and security they need to be able to participate in DeFi while meeting their counterparty requirements.

The core focus of Kinto is to bring new, exciting assets onchain in a composable, and compliant way. We think that a permissionless KYC blockchain not only allows new institutions to participate in DeFi, but also gives retail a more even playing field in an otherwise strict PvP market. A natural evolution is taking place, and Kinto is leading the way.

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