Last update on my 15 year old xbox account that was compromised.

Last update on my 15 year old xbox account that was compromised.

I haven’t slept in 24 hours, I’ve been gathering information on my account. Searched through emails dating back 13 years to find information for microsoft that would aid in my account recovery. I just spent 40 minutes on the phone with support pleading to talk to a supervisor or manager that would have some power in my account being recovered. After providing card numbers, transaction history, and the date of the account being compromised. Xbox support ultimately permanently suspended my account without the option of an account transfer due to unauthorized access. I don’t think there’s anybody who is going to be able to help me, and if there is they will never see these posts or be able to hear my voice. I’ve been permanently stuck in a bottom level customer service loop with a case number that has received a different version of the one above 4 times. Somebody out there is able to help me but they won’t hear the voice of 12 year old me who first created my account and shared so many memories with friends and since deceased family members over that time. My heart is broken as i type this. The last part of the email is what hurts the most.. “here’s a link to create a new account” …. let me just create a new childhood microsoft i’ll get right on that.

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