Lies of P Gameplay Showcases Boss Fights in Extended Video

Neowiz Games and Round8 Studio’s Pinocchio-inspired soulslike action RPG Lies of P launches for PC and consoles on September 19. Earlier today, the developers gave fans something new to look at with the upcoming Lies of P’s boss fight gameplay showcase.

Lies of P boss fight showcase and teaser

The six-minute video showcases several combat encounters, and some of the weapons and abilities players have at their disposal. The gameplay video shows protagonist Pinocchio encountering an armored automaton armed with two large metal shields. After sword attacks prove ineffective, Pinocchio switches to an electric weapon. An electric blast from his arm also proves useful at stunning the machine and lowering its defenses.

The next scene shows Pinocchio’s battle with a towering root monster. This second boss is much more reminiscent of a From Software enemy, both in appearance and how it moves. However, the classic Dark Souls tactic of dodge rolling still works in Lies of P. The next battle saw Pinocchio battling a group of soldier automatons before a giant clown robot knocked him to the ground. Fans also get looks at a deformed creature in a flooded cellar, a hulking beast in a crumbling building, a towering sword wielder, and a massive muscular mutant. The video closes with a showdown against a colossal automaton in a burning opera house.

Unfortunately, the video does not give an uninterrupted look at any one boss fight. Still, it’s a great window into the enemy variety that players can find in Lies of P.

Today also saw the release of Lies of P’s launch teaser trailer. The 15-second ad obviously isn’t as in-depth as the boss fight showcase. Still, it offers a few more peaks at what fans can expect when Lies of P launches next week.

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