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Litecoin touches $800+

Litecoin touches $800+

Recognize this beautiful moment in time we are in . Recognize patterns. Recognize who you are. Recognize you invested in your future and a few extra dollars sacrificed now will be worth the wait when u see everyone else is battling inflation with their fiat.

I’m new to this cryptocurrency space only about 5 years in

I’ve been studying technical analysis for a few years now was able to catch the doge out breakout when it hit ¢0.70 and made $20k+.

Ever since I’ve been funneling everything I have into Litecoin, Bitcoin, and ethereum in that specific order .

Meme coins are popular now, but when everyone take their profit, people will scramble to find a storage of valuable to keep their money.

Why is Litecoin my pick?

(NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE) •Useful storage of value •Reliability, longest running blockchain with 100% uptime •85M max supply (74.47M circulating) •72% of holders have been holding for more than 1year •1.4PH/s (hashrate) •40mil+ transactions in 2024 alone •Accounts for over 38% of all transactions on Bitpay •Litecoin ETF on the way

Does what Bitcoin can do in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost.

And we have the best crypto community of them all haha !

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