Little Nightmares 3 Gameplay Trailer Shows Co-op in Horror Sequel

Supermassive Games‘ Little Nightmares 3 has received an 18-minute gameplay trailer showing its co-op gameplay in a desert-like area called The Necropolis.

Sand: the real Little Nightmare

The pre-alpha footage is interesting for several reasons. Seeing the co-op in action is one, but the fairly bright color scheme refreshes the successful template that previous developer Tarsier Studios employed.

In Little Nightmares 3, you follow the journey of Low & Alone, as they search for a path that could lead them out of the Nowhere.

Trapped within the Spiral, a cluster of disturbing places, the two friends must work together to survive in a dangerous world full of delusions and escape the grasp of an even greater threat lurking in the shadows.

For the first time in the franchise, face your childhood fears together with a friend in online co-op, or solo with an AI companion.

Little Nightmares 3 will be released on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC in 2024.

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