Lofi Minecraft Music | These soothing synths are the perfect crafting soundtrack

The Tower in Minecraft Dungeons’ is a challenge not meant for the weak-minded or faint-hearted. One false move and you can kiss your stair-climbing run goodbye. These facts are based on a recent – and may I say very legitimate – study of my 2759 attempts at conquering the tall structure. The study reveals some interesting results about m… er, the general player behavior. Each of these attempts ended in either loud screams, bad excuses, or a few cases of the participant crying hysterically in a corner. However, what these empirical studies didn’t reveal was that the lack of success wasn’t a matter of skill – but a matter of vibe. 

Armed with a good mood, a thirst for revenge, and a pair of closed-back headphones, I enter the Tower for the 2760th time, certain that this run will be different than all my previous failures. By playing the all-new Minecraft Dungeons lo-fi track during my playthrough, I’m convinced that my heart rate will remain at reasonable levels and I’ll not let stress get the better of me. After all, how could this intriguing one-hour arrangement make me anything but relaxed?   

I couldn’t ask for a better start. The track kicks off with a calming yet tactful re-arrangement of Dalarna – the soothing song normally played in the camp. Floors fly past me as fast as a player with Boots of Swiftness, and I slowly build up my avatar. I opt for a build with lots of sword enchantments and the Corrupted Seeds artifact, slashing my way through waves of mobs. It’s going quite well! 

Around the seven-minute mark, it starts to get sweaty as the music takes on a mysterious, almost ominous style. Weird, alien sounds take turns with the scratching of vintage vinyl, but it’s still a catchy beat. It grows on me to the point that I’m completely in tune with the music. I’m unstoppable! Invincible! A god among mobs! NOTHING CAN DEFEAT ME!!! 

At floor 20, I’m defeated by a grumpy Endersent with a couple of brutal hits to the face. My terrible track record continues, but at least I ended in a good mood thanks to a different kind of track. I wasn’t able to topple the Tower, but I gained a new focus track to study to! 

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