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Major OnePlus 12 spec leak brings excitement and disappointment

The OnePlus 12 will bring back wireless charging while boosting the size of the battery, according to a new leak.

According to a leak from Smartprix/OnLeaks, the OnePlus 12 will have a larger 5,400mAh battery, which is up significantly on the 5,000mAh cell on the OnePlus 11.

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The report says the larger battery will be replenished by 50W wireless charging, which would be surprising given the company ditched the feature for the OnePlus 11. OnePlus claimed it was superfluous because wired charging was fast enough to get people through the day.

A statement at the time explained: “Our consideration is that if the wired charging is fast enough, and the device can last for one-day usage, then the scenarios for user’s need for wireless charging is limited. The OnePlus 11 is able to charge from 1% to 100% in just 25 minutes (27 minutes in North America), and in this case, users do not need to charge their phones frequently.”

American users will also benefit from faster wired charging as standard. It’ll provide 100W wired charging compared to the 80W charging on the US OnePlus 11. International users had 100W last time out.

Beyond the battery, the leak claims the OnePlus 12 will be among the first phones to benefit from the as-yet-unannounced Qualcomm Snapgragon 8 Gen 3 SoC. Beyond that, the report claims we’re looking at a quite similar phone from a design perspective. It speaks of a 6.7-inch AMOLED display boasting a 120Hz refresh rate.

Image credit: Smartpix x OnLeaks

As well as the in-display fingerprint sensor, their popular Alert Slider hardware feature will also be back. As for the camera specs, there’s reason for optimism and pessimism. It suggests there’ll be a 50-megapixel ultrawide, 50-megapixel main sensor and a 64-megapixel telephoto lens.

The latter would include a periscope lens, as has previously been rumoured. However, the report says it’ll rock a measly 3x optical zoom, which would kind of undermine the point of using a periscope in the first place. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra manages to squeeze in a 10x telephoto lens using a periscope lens, for instance.

Recent reports have suggested the phone will arrive in December.

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