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Microsoft Flight Simulator Gets a Buggy to Let You Enjoy a Different Perspective

Third-party developers for Microsoft Flight Simulator had plenty of news to share about upcoming add-ons, on top of a rather unique and peculiar release.  

Parallel 42 is always at the forefront of looking for new ways to enjoy the simulator, and their new product certainly qualifies. The “Juice Goose” (I see what you did there, Parallel 42) is a buggy coming with three engine variants, 13 liveries, and plenty of accessories.

It even has some dedicated scenery, the Goose Bowl, plus 12 optimized locations to play around with the buggy. It’s currently available only for PC on the developer’s own store, but it should come soon to the official marketplace for both PC and Xbox. It’s priced at a rather affordable $15.00 and here’s what you get.


Endless good times solo or in multiplayer
3 motor hp variants, each with its own driving style (Crawler/Touring/Speedster)
Optimized for Xbox Controllers
Industry-standard drive control mapping, Forza Horizon style.
Cruise Control, so your trigger finger can rest
Accurate ATV/UTV driving model & Study level suspension.
Customizable License Plate uses your “Tail Number”
Inflatable “Otto” Copilot
Removable vehicle options including roof, doors, windscreen, and more
Multiplayer synced removable vehicle options for ultimate personalization
Built-in portable radio provides a curated selection of driving tracks to get you goosin’
PC players can customize radio station audio file
Included 42GB Goose Bowl Scene provides a playground for Juice Goose adventures.
42GB includes ramps, jumps, beachfront racing, and the best dunes in Oregon.
42GB includes custom 3D objects, sounds & animations to provide an immersive dunes experience
Explore! dune spots customized by //42 to correct ground type properties.
Explore! functionality in dash UI providing teleportation to the world’s best dune spots


High fidelity 3D Model & textures
13 liveries covering a rainbow of colors from light to dark and base (White) livery included for livery artists.
Custom ground visual effects such as dirt, sand, tire smoke & more.
Spectacular wrecks and tumbles!


Automatic vehicle reset when flipped
Custom tire friction model & Climb Assist mode to overcome steep climbs
RWD/AWD switcher accurately simulates drivetrain change
Electronic parking brake keeps you anchored regardless of terrain
Custom Dashboard Instrument Cluster UI
Instrument Cluster adapts to external environment Lighting
Instrument Cluster provides all vehicle customization options
OBD style data streams in the dash include suspension compression, motor/battery temps & more.
Wwise Soundset by Echo19 includes completely custom tire/road surface sounds, interior, exterior, motor, capacitor, heating/cooling system, and more!
Custom Whips, door, cup & license plate animations affected by momentum shifts
Custom gyroscopic cup holder to keep your drink safe


169 possible lighting combinations between whips & underglow!
Multiplayer light syncing for ultimate personalization
Colorful & bright LED night lighting for evening cruises
5000k Projector HID Headlights with proper cut-off & 3000k yellow Foglights for inclement weather
Custom roof rack Floodlights to illuminate dark trails

Next, we get some news from DC Designs, which will release the Su-27 Flanker soon. It’ll be available only on the official in-sim marketplace for $22. No release date has been set, and a patch adding cosmetic weapons will be distributed separately. 

If you want to fly one of the most overrated military aircraft in the industry of aviation, you’ll soon have that option. In the meantime, you can see what it looks like below.

More screenshots come from Marcus Nyberg, who is creating a Swedish airport bundle for Orbx including ESNQ Kiruna, ESNU Umeå, and ESNZ Östersund. Today, we get to see Umeå.

Moving on to a bunch of announcements, iniBuilds has announced Palm Springs Airport (KPSP) in the United States. It’ll release on October 20 for £14.99 with the following perks.

Hand crafted ground poly, textures with crisp, bespoke texture sets (Runways, aprons, paths, roads)
True-to-life airport land side recreation with custom ground decals, signposts, vegetation, parking barriers and more
Accurately modelled and positioned dynamic airport lighting
Highly detailed models of all airport buildings, objects and surroundings
Bespoke taxi signage as it is in the real world
Up to date airport layout reflecting the current, real-world location
Fully modelled local POI’s and surrounding buildings including San Gorgonio Pass wind farm!
Level of Detail (LOD) optimisation for every model to encourage the best performance possible
Use of the latest MSFS SDK features to allow for the best optimisation and performance possible
GSX profile included 
Full iniManager compatibility to configure your scenery for the best possible performance for your system 

Another announcement comes from UK2000 Scenery which indeed returns to the UK (more precisely Scotland) with Glasgow Prestwick (EGPK) airport.

It’s a relevant Ryanair base and it’ll release soon for £14.99. below you can watch a trailer.

We stay in the UK for the last announcement, and it’s a much smaller one. Burning Blue Design announced Tatenhill Airfield (EGBM), and you can check out the first screenshots below.

As usual, keep in mind that here on TechRaptor, we host daily Microsoft Flight Simulator news to help you keep track of the many add-ons constantly released for the simulator.  

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