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Microsoft Flight Simulator Sim Update 14 Beta Introduces New Free Airbus A320neo

Microsoft and third-party developers have shared plenty of news and a couple of releases about the next update and add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator. 

We start with Microsoft itself, which released a new beta version of the upcoming Sim Update 14. 

The biggest part of the update is the implementation of the brand-new Airbus A320neo developed by iniBuilds. You can catch a sneak peek in the screenshots below courtesy of Tuskin38 and LP from the iniBuilds Discord server.

The aircraft is a much more advanced alternative to the default Airbus A320neo similar to the A310 (also developed by iniBuilds) released with the 40th Anniversary Edition, and it’ll be distributed for free.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Airbus A320neo v2 by iniBuilds (exterior in manufacturer livery)

Microsoft Flight Simulator Airbus A320neo v2 by iniBuilds (exterior in white livery)

Microsoft Flight Simulator Airbus A320neo v2 by iniBuilds (flight deck)

The update also includes more improvements for other aircraft and you can read the full patch notes on the official forums.

As usual, this is a beta, so you should hold off unless you’re willing to work around issues that still need to be fixed. The full release is expected on December 5, just in time for the Holidays.

Next, we get new screenshots of the Su-27 Flanker by DC  Designs, providing a first look at the cockpit. 

We stay in the family with SC Designs (the developers of DC Designs and SC Designs are brothers), showing off the liveries for the upcoming F-5E Tiger II (which is a completely separate project from the one just released by Venom Zero Productions).

There will be 15 liveries in the main package and more low-cost livery packs will be released afterward.

Another aircraft has been released by Flight Replicas, and it’s the Spitfire Mk 1a. It’s currently available on the official in-sim marketplace for $19.49. 

You can see what it looks like below.

We also get an update from PMDG about its upcoming Boeing 777. For now, we don’t get any screenshots, but CEO Robert Randazzo hints at the fact that the beta phase may be relatively short due to extensive testing of the system already done while the modeling team was still working on the visuals.

“Work continues on the 777, with handling characteristics and system validation being the operative mode for the week. We have been packing details and features into this new flagship product and in part- this is why we aren’t yet previewing it for you. I want to give the modelers a bit more time to get things where they want them, and I suspect we will begin the preview process in close proximity to when the ship goes into beta testing.

Entering beta always leads to quite a bit of discussion surrounding “how long will that take?” This dev cycle is a bit unusual in that the code team got way out ahead of the modeling team, so we have been engaged in a tremendous amount of testing and cleanup that we normally don’t get to do until after beta testing begins. I think this will bear fruit in the beta cycle and hopefully that will lead to a shorter beta engagement.”

Moving on to scenery, SamScene3D released a trailer for its upcoming USA Modern Cities Vol.2 scenery add-on, which will enrich four major American cities, San Francisco, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Honolulu.

Here’s what it promises.

over 80 handcrafted building models in each city
replaced default broken bridges with handcrafted bridges over the cities
beautiful night effects
many building rooftops are landable helipads
compatible with other developer airport addons
it can be used with the photogrammetry turned off

XWind Studios released a new airport in New Zealand, and it’s Palmerston North Airport (NZPM). You can grab it on iniBuilds’ store or Simmarket starting at $12.40.

It comes with the following features:

 Highly detailed imagery
 Custom ground polygon
 Highly detailed and accurate terminal interior
 PBR models and 4k textures
 Detailed models
 Latest layout (post WIP completion)
 This scenery does require you to have the World Update #12 – New Zealand installed

As usual, please keep in mind that TechRaptor publishes daily Microsoft Flight Simulator news to help navigate the chaotic market dedicated to the sim’s hundreds of add-ons. 

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