Modern Warfare 3 gives double player and weapon XP, for a limited time


Modern Warfare 3 has had an undoubtedly rocky start since its recent launch, but Activision and Sledgehammer Games are actively pushing updates with fresh content and fixes to ensure that their latest Call of Duty entry lives up to players’ expectations. The team’s latest reveal is exciting, as double XP is underway. Whether you’re looking for some extra battle pass, player, or weapon XP, the limited-time boost applies to all MW3 XP but won’t be around forever.

While Modern Warfare 3 built up a community of dedicated nostalgic fans and FPS game newcomers alike, its release was turbulent. Despite the rough start, Activision and Sledgehammer Games have been working toward a brighter future for the youngest Call of Duty remake. With a massive Modern Warfare 3 update in the works featuring the return of Gunfight and various multiplayer maps, there is a lot to look forward to.

The team behind the new CoD now says that an event of sorts is coming soon, bringing a whopping double XP buff with it. As further stated in our Modern Warfare 3 review, the shooter can feel grind-y at times. With the MW3 double XP boost, getting to level 55 should be far less painful. The double XP buff is more OP than you may think, as it applies to your battle pass and weapon, as well as your actual player level.

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If you’re interested in taking advantage of this fast and furious double XP buff, you’ll be able to start on Wednesday, November 22, and keep grinding until the limited-time boost ends on Monday, November 27. Hopefully, this event prompts Sledgehammer Games to increase the max level cap a bit. With more new players hitting 55, we may see a new cap more akin to Cold War’s.

Want to play with even more confidence? Check out some of our favorite MW3 loadouts for the current meta to improve your win rate. If you’re struggling with your weapons in particular or simply want to know what to look forward to in-game, browse through our in-depth guide on the best MW3 guns and weapons. You may think you know Call of Duty well, but the latest remake packs quite a punch full of new content.

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