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Monday Social Media News Roundup: Oct 2-6

Get the need-to-know highlights from the social media industry that happened the week of October 2-6.

1. Agencies Rethink Meta’s Platforms

Digiday reports a decline in agency investments in Meta due to diminishing returns. This could lead to lower advertising competition and costs on Meta platforms.

2. Meta’s Subscription Model

WSJ unveils Meta’s ad-free subscription pricing, impacting ad visibility on Instagram and Facebook – this may affect ad engagement rates. It might be time to re-evaluate your advertising strategies on these platforms.

3. Meta’s AI Assistant

4. Evolving Consumption Shifts

Meta’s report highlights consumption shifts crucial for marketers. Understanding evolving consumer behavior is key – adapt your marketing strategy to align with consumption trends.

5. Underwhelming AI Shopping Campaigns

Adweek shares marketers’ disappointment with Meta’s AI-fueled shopping campaigns. As you experiment, monitor AI campaign performance and have alternative strategies.

6. Messenger Data Collection Alert

Messenger now alerts users on data collection upon clicking links. Increased awareness may affect user engagement with links – so be transparent about data practices to maintain trust.


1. Professional Access & Meta Verified Section

2. New Features Galore


1. Reviving Interest in Threads

Meta explores new options to reignite interest in Threads, alongside Instagram’s focus groups with creators. This could lead to a potential resurgence of Threads as a platform for creators and small business owners. Keep an eye on new features and user engagement trends on the platform.

2. New Sharing and Display Features


1. Design and Editing Enhancements

2. Monetization and Partnership Updates

3. Metrics and Insights Accessibility

4. Sharing and Discoverability Features

5. New Reels Features


1. Pinning Messages and Text Formatting

2. Enhanced Channel Updates Sharing

3. Updates Section Search Function

WhatsApp simplifies its Updates section with a new search function, aiding users in finding specific updates quickly.


1. Usage Statistics and Growth

Twitter (X) CEO unveils new stats on platform usage: 14% increase in user time, 20% rise in video consumption, significant growth in creators, and nearly $20 million paid to creators via its ad revenue program.

2. Links and Headlines Changes

Elon Musk points out that X is discouraging links in posts while X removes headlines from news story links for a cleaner look. This could affect traffic to external sites and user engagement with shared links. Adapt to these changes by crafting compelling captions and utilizing X’s native features.

3. Trademark Lawsuit

Trademark lawsuit against Elon Musk’s X by an ad agency called X Social Media. Legal challenges could potentially affect X’s branding or operations. Stay updated on legal developments that could impact X’s platform policies or branding.

4. Game Streaming and Live Shopping

5. Subscriber-Only DMs and ID Verification

6. Regulatory Challenges

X headed for a ‘rule of law’ clash with EU, warns Twitter’s former head of trust & safety. This highlights potential regulatory challenges in the EU market. Monitor regulatory updates to ensure compliance and understand potential implications for your business.

7. Pinning Feature Experiment


1. AI and Education

2. AI Tools Launch

LinkedIn unveils new AI tools for learning, recruitment, marketing, and sales, powered by OpenAI. Use these tools to optimize your learning and recruitment initiatives, and to improve marketing and sales strategies.

3. AI Assistant for Advertising

New AI assistant feature to help brands auto-generate ads and campaigns using website content. Experiment with the AI assistant to enhance your advertising efforts on LinkedIn.

4. Profile CTA Button Visibility

LinkedIn increases the visibility of its Profile Call to Action (CTA) buttons for enhanced profile visibility and engagement opportunities. Customize your profile CTA buttons to encourage desired actions from your audience.


1. Content Monetization & AI Effect

YouTube expands access to content monetization and adds a generative AI effect called Bloom in YouTube Shorts, transforming people into vibrant topiary structures. Explore the monetization options and experiment with Bloom effect to enhance short video content.

2. Mobile Live Streaming

3. Podcasts Auto-Download

4. ‘You’ Tab Redesign

YouTube is testing a redesign, replacing the Library with a ‘You’ tab. Monitor the update for potential changes in viewer interaction and adapt your channel layout accordingly.

5. Subscriber Analytics


1. TikTok Shop Performance

Brands find TikTok Shop’s performance a slow burn, indicating a slower adoption rate and potentially delayed ROI for businesses exploring TikTok Shop.

2. TikTok Shop Halts in Indonesia

TikTok halts online shop in Indonesia to comply with new regulations, a loss of an e-commerce channel for brands in Indonesia. Stay updated on regional e-commerce regulations to navigate channel availability.

3. ByteDance Financial Performance

4. Ad-Free Subscription Plan

7. Creative Assistant for Ads

6. CapCut Photo-editing Features

7. CapCut Updates

Alt Platforms

1. Mastodon Growth

2. Pebble’s Thread Composer

3. BeReal’s Global Campaign

4. Reddit’s Search Enhancement

Reddit improves meme search by adding a media tab, simplifying results page, enhancing spam filters, and improving screen reader compatibility.

1. Emergence of Paid Social Media

Major platforms testing subscriptions, indicating a shift from ad-based to direct user monetization.Impact: Creates new monetization strategies for platforms and potentially less ad clutter for users.Insight: Explore how paid features on these platforms could affect engagement and advertising strategies.

2. Gen Z’s Influence Ambitions

Consistent desire among Gen Z to become influencers (57% in 2023 vs. 59% in 2019).Impact: Continuous influx of new creators, maintaining the influencer marketing momentum.Insight: Tailor marketing strategies to leverage this unceasing interest in influencer culture.

3. Artifact’s AI Image Generation

4. Creator Brand Evolution Challenges

Creators facing branding hurdles when evolving their online personas.Impact: Indicates a need for flexible branding strategies.Insight: Offer support or tools for seamless brand evolution to keep creators engaged.

5. Deepfake Scam Alert

6. TikTok’s Operation in Europe Criticized

7. Decline in Social Media Traffic to News Sites

8. The Great Internet Splintering

9. Elon Musk’s Strategy for Twitter Unveiled

Insights into Elon Musk’s game plan for Twitter post-acquisition revealed by a former White House staffer.Impact: Could influence other tech magnates’ approaches to platform acquisition and management.Insight: Keeping abreast of high-profile acquisitions and their strategies can offer a competitive edge.

10. Monk Mode: Limiting Social Media Use

Individuals adopting ‘monk mode’ to restrict social media use for better mental health.Impact: Reflects a growing awareness and action towards digital wellness.Insight: Platforms and creators may need to consider digital wellness in their engagement strategies.

11. Journalists on TikTok

Three journalists share how they utilize TikTok for news dissemination.Impact: Highlights TikTok’s potential as a journalistic tool, expanding its use beyond entertainment.Insight: Social platforms can serve as powerful tools for various professional sectors, including journalism.

12. Biden Campaign’s Social Media Strategy

13. Apple’s Challenge in China

14. U.S. Supreme Court on Social Media Moderation

Landmark cases on social media moderation to be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court.Impact: Decisions may significantly affect moderation policies on major platforms.Insight: Legal frameworks around digital content are evolving, and platforms must adapt to ensure compliance.

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