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In need of a Monster Hunter Now Guide? Well, here it is! Lower your weapons as we have all you need to know about the latest installment in the Monster Hunter franchise. Claim your hunting grounds by taking down these mystical beasts in the game that promote their player base to explore their surroundings.

Monster Hunter Now is the latest entry in the Monster Hunter franchise! However, this one is a little different when compared to the rest. Niantic, the company that developed Pokémon GO is behind this exciting new project. Hunt monsters using augmented technology and collect a variety of powerful weapons to help you along the way. Players can also unite with friends in battles against the more powerful foes in this ever-evolving game.

You can learn more about it on the official site. We also recommend checking out our Monster Hunter Now Tier List, or Monster Hunter Now Weapons Guide, as well as our Monster Hunter Rise weapon tier list, and our New World weapons tier list guide.

Monster Hunter Now Guide

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Getting geared.

HP Pots

HP Pots are somewhat hard to come by, so we recommend you use them sparingly. You will get 5 HP Pots for free per daily login, however only 10 free HP Pots can be stored in total. This effectively means that if you claim the 5 free with an already full inventory of them, the 5 will go to waste. To bypass this you can avoid claiming the 5 free HP Pots, essentially having 15 in total, where you claim the reaming 5 when you have the inventory slots available.


Paintballs can be used to hunt with friends, increasing how many large monsters you can destroy together. You and a friend need to be within a range of one another (200m) to use each other’s Paintballs. A monster that has been paintballed will disappear from the field and, if during teammate combat you and a friend paintball the same monster, a paintball will be consumed, thus wasting one of your paintballs.

You should try and hold onto your paintballs until you reach 6* monsters onwards as they will drop grade 5+ loot.


Slain thy beast!


To enter combat against large monsters you will always need at least 30% of your health. Health regenerates at an approximate rate of 1% every 36 seconds. Learning perfect dodges is also beneficial as it will negate any damage that would otherwise be inflicted. Your following attack after a perfect dodge will be a special attack depending on the weapon you wield.


Weapons have a unique set of holds and charged attacks for you to get accustomed to, you’ll likely have a preference for which weapon you prefer to play with. You can activate your holds/charged attacks by holding down your finger on the screen. Currently, there are only two status effects that can be applied to monsters during combat, poison and paralysis.


Skills are unique to your weapons and armor and aren’t a one-size-fits-all ordeal. To optimize your kit and upgrade to the strongest possible hunter, you need to determine what skills are relevant to your weapons and armor.

Damage Color

White – Attacks are not targeting weak spots. Monster is not weak to the current weapons element.Yellow – Attacks are either hitting the monster’s weak spots, or the weapon element is effective.Red – Attacks are hitting monsters weak spots and the weapon element is effective.Long red vertical line – Critical hit!

Progression and Upgrades

Rank up!

Hunter Rank

Your hunter rank acts as your progression level within Monster Hunter Now. A higher rank simply means the player has spent a lot of time on the game, though it doesn’t necessarily mean they are skilled.

World Level

World level is essentially a prestige. As you complete the game you will be prompted to reset the story, in doing so you will encounter larger monsters with more star ranking. Your reset will grant you higher-grade materials needed for crafting higher-grade equipment.


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