Multi-sensor development box with Bluetooth, NFC and wireless charging

Sensor tile box pro ST exploded

Called STeval-MkBoxPro (as well as SensorTile.box Pro), it is an update on its earlier STM32L4-powered STeval-MkSBox1V1 non-‘Pro’ SensorTile.box.

Measuring 40x63mm, and with a 480mAh rechargeable battery, SensorTile.box Pro is programmable in different ways to suit it to both professional and hobby users.

Its sensors include: digital temperature (STTS22H), six-axis inertial (LSM6DSV16X), three-axis low-power accelerometer (LIS2DU12), three-axis magnetometer (LIS2MDL), pressure (LPS22DF), digital microphone (MP23DB01HP) and electrostatic presence detection (‘Qvar’).

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