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Optimizing Computational Costs with AutoMix: An AI Strategic Approach to Leveraging Large Language Models from the Cloud

AutoMix is an innovative approach that optimises the allocation of queries to larger language models (LLMs) by assessing the approximate correctness of responses from a smaller LM. It incorporates a few-shot self-verification process and a meta-verifier to enhance accuracy. AutoMix showcases its efficiency in balancing computational cost and performance in language processing tasks.

When it comes to verifying information, AutoMix takes a different approach than other methods. Rather than solely relying on LLM knowledge, it uses context to ensure accuracy. Its unique few-shot self-verification mechanism and meta-verifier assess the reliability of its output without requiring any training. This emphasis on context and robust self-verification aligns with conformal prediction. Unlike other approaches that require verifier training or architectural modifications, AutoMix provides flexibility between models and only requires black-box access to APIs.

The iterative model-switching method used by the problem-solving approach AutoMix involves querying models of different sizes and capabilities, with feedback verification at each step to determine whether to accept the output or switch to a more capable model. This approach doesn’t need separate models or access to model weights and gradients, as it utilises black-box language model APIs. The process is more efficient and effective by introducing few-shot learning and self-verification for solution generation, verification, and model switching.

AutoMix employs a few-shot self-verification process to assess its output reliability without training. It enhances accuracy with a meta-verifier. Queries are categorised into Simple, Complex, or Unsolvable using a Partially Observable Markov Decision Process (POMDP) framework. AutoMix intelligently routes queries to larger language models based on approximate output correctness from smaller models. The Incremental Benefit Per Unit Cost (IBC) metric quantifies the efficiency of combining smaller and larger language models, optimising computational cost and performance in language processing tasks.

Through context-grounded reasoning, AutoMix has significantly enhanced IBC (Intentional Behaviour Change) performance, outperforming baseline methods by up to 89% across five datasets. The meta-verifier included in this tool consistently shows superior IBC performance, particularly in the LLAMA2-1370B datasets. The top performer in three of five datasets is AutoMix-POMDP, which offers significant improvements in most of them. It maintains a positive IBC across all evaluated costs, indicating consistent enhancements. The POMDP-based meta-verifier in AutoMix has also been shown to outperform Verifier-Self-Consistency by up to 42% across all datasets.

In conclusion, AutoMix is a promising framework that effectively combines black-box LLM APIs in a multi-step problem-solving approach. Its self-verification and context-grounded few-shot verification demonstrate a good balance between performance and computational cost, making it suitable for various scenarios. Furthermore, integrating a POMDP in AutoMix enhances the accuracy of the few-shot verifier, highlighting its potential to improve the performance of LLM during inference. Overall, AutoMix shows promising capabilities for language processing tasks.

Future research can explore AutoMix’s application in various domains and tasks to assess its versatility. Evaluating AutoMix’s performance with diverse language model combinations is crucial, ensuring scalability to larger models. Refinement of the few-shot self-verification mechanism, potentially incorporating contextual or external information, is needed for improved accuracy. Alternative meta-verifiers or verification techniques can be investigated to enhance AutoMix. User studies are essential to evaluate AutoMix’s practical usability and user satisfaction in real-world scenarios.

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