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Peacock Subscribers: Get Ready to Pay More Next Month

It just got a little more pricey to stream NBC’s Peacock service. New subscribers will see changes to subscription prices, including a $1 and $2 bump to Peacock Premium and Premium Plus each month, while existing subscribers will have to start paying more soon. The changes mark the first price hike for the streaming service since it launched in 2020.

As of Tuesday, monthly Peacock Premium costs $6 per month, up from $5, and Premium Plus costs $12 per month, up from $10, according to an email sent to existing Peacock subscribers. An annual subscription to Peacock Premium costs $60, an increase from $50. A year of Premium Plus now costs $120, up $20 from its previous price.

Current subscribers have a bit of a buffer, with the new prices kicking in on their next billing date on or after Aug. 17. Promotional pricing will continue through the end of the promo period, according to Peacock, but anyone who upgraded to Premium Plus for $5 a month will have to start paying $1 more each month as of their next billing date on or after Aug. 17.

Peacock joins a crowd of streaming services to raise subscription prices, from Starz and Paramount Plus, which adjusted plans last month, to Netflix, Max and Disney Plus. Peacock hosts popular sitcoms like The Office and 30 Rock, along with originals like Poker Face and movies recently released in theaters, among other offerings.

Peacock has a free, ad-supported tier, but new accounts can no longer access it. People with Xfinity Internet or Spectrum may qualify for free Peacock Premium.

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