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Pocket Gamer Connects is all about bringing the industry together to learn, network and build great new business partnerships.

In 2024 we’ll be celebrating 10 years since the conference began, kicking off with Pocket Gamer Connects London 2024 on January 22nd to 23rd.

Still on the fence about heading to the event? As part of our look back at the last 10 years, we’ve been asking attendees for their best stories from the show floor and how the conference has helped build their business and career.

Below, Imperia Online JSC chief business development officer and chief marketing officer Mariela Tzvetanova shares her favourite PGC memories.

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Deal makers

“Imperia Online JSC made its debut in the vibrant world of Pocket Gamer Connects in the summer of 2016. It was in Helsinki where we first joined the diverse assembly of creative minds that make up the games industry family. The event held in this dynamic city marked the beginning of many other PGC visits.

“One of our most cherished PGC memories spans several appearances and influential talks at various PGC conferences over the years. A particular highlight began in the passionate sessions of PGC Helsinki and Vancouver in 2016, where our CEO, Cvetan Rusimov, dived into the intricacies of the games industry with insights that sparked engaging dialogues and lasting connections.

“Yet, an encounter from PGC 2017 in San Francisco stands out as a defining moment. It was during Rusimov’s captivating talk addressing the challenges of replicating US game success in China. This presentation did not just educate, but also laid the groundwork for a flurry of discussions that eventually led to an instrumental partnership deal. We even joined all the online editions because the power of connection and knowledge exchange that PGC facilitates are a true embodiment of the ‘games industry family.’

“Additionally, networking events like the revealing of the Top 50 Mobile Game Makers at Gamescom 2023 not only honored our collective achievements but also allowed us to share in the thrill and pride of being part of this ever-evolving industry.”

Tzvetanova has previously been a speaker at Pocket Gamer Connects. At PGC Helsinki Digital 2020, she hosted a panel on ‘The K Factor – How your campaigns can also improve your organic growth’.

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Whether you’re looking to learn about the latest industry trends, gain development insights, network with your peers or sign a new partnership, PGC London has something for everyone.

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