Picross S+ Bringing 3DS Games to Switch in 2024 – News

The forthcoming release will collect all nine Picross e games that are now inaccessible after the closure of the 3DS eShop.

The next game in the Picross S series will be Picross S+, a collection of all nine Picross e games that were originally released on the 3DS eShop.

Due out in 2024, Picross S+ will contain the content from Picross e for an estimated price of $4.99 (and equivalent pricing). The other eight releases will be available as DLC for an estimated price of $4.99 each. This will be the first time Picross e9 will be available outside of Japan.

Additionally, developer Jupiter released Logiart Grimoire into early access on PC. The game features Picross-like puzzles and builds off of it with puzzle fusion where you combine the objects you create in puzzles to solve different challenges. Logiart Grimoire will also come to Switch after the early access period.

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