Platinum celebrates Bayonetta 3’s first anniversary with dev comments & art


Believe it or not, it has already been a year since Bayonetta 3 officially released on the Nintendo Switch. To celebrate the occasion, Platinum Games has revealed some new art, and various devs have left some comments about the matter. For example, Bayonetta 3 producer Yuji Nakao said that “i’s been a year since Bayonetta 3 was released. The series itself has been around for 14 years now! This is all thanks to you, the Bayonetta fans! Let me just say a huge thanks right here”.

However, Nakao wasn’t alone. Bayonetta 3 director Yusuke Miyata said that “it’s so cool to still see everyone posting videos and comments about the game on social media. Our team at PlatinumGames is truly over the moon to see so many players enjoying the game, from those who have been playing for a while now, to those who are just getting started”.

Also, Masami Ichikawa said that “I’ve been with the series since the first game started development, handling PR and merch supervision. It’s incredible to see that the series has been around for this long”. You can see Platinum Games’ tweet about the matter, as well as a gallery with all the art released, down below.

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