Play Diablo 4 for Free on Steam (For a Week)


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If you ever wanted to know what all these dungeon-crawling and demon-killing action role-playing game phenomena are all about, this might be your lucky week. Continue reading to know everything about Diablo 4 free trial on Steam for a week!

Enjoy Diablo 4 for Free on Steam for a Limited Time

It is no wonder that the Diablo 4 launch, although enjoying one of the best releases in Blizzard’s history, fell flat due to the game’s lukewarm reception due to the game’s many changes. They deviated a lot from what Diablo 2 – and even Diablo 3 in part – established for the franchise. However, thanks to the seasonal content, especially the Season of the Blood, the game is experiencing a sort of revival with changes that are changing the player’s perspective of the game in a good way. To that end, Diablo 4 is currently free for Steam users from November 21 to November 28. There are some limitations other than the time constraint, of course.

Diablo 4 Lilith Summoned
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

You see, while you are going to be able to enjoy the game without limits, your character will only be able to level up to level 20. However, you’ll be able to enjoy cross-play and co-op in its entirety. And, you’ll get to play both the Seasonal content and the Eternal base content as well. Moreover, during this time, Mother’s Blessing Week is happening. This means that all players will enjoy a 35% increased rate for XP and gold income. If you decide to purchase Diablo 4, it will be 40% off during this period. Well, that’s a great deal if I ever saw one!

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So, if you want to enjoy a bit of what Diablo 4, Lilith, and Sanctuary have to offer, this week is a great one to have a demonic taste. Oh, and any progress you make during this trial period will transfer to the full game if you decide to purchase it!

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