PlayStation Portal Is Getting Scalped For Some Reason


Sony’s PS5 remote play device, PlayStation Portal, is apparently already sold out, thanks to the ever-present looming issue of scalpers. The niche non-money-making peripheral has already gone onto reselling sites for hiked prices.

VGC reports that eBay listings are skyrocketing in price, while PlayStation Direct orders are out of stock. Standard PS Portals retail for $199.99, with people asking for around $310.

Considering the pitfalls of the PlayStation Portal, largely that it isn’t anything special, we don’t understand why people are willing to pay such a high price for a remote play device. You can’t stream games, and you need a Wi-Fi connection to use it properly. Sure, it’s cool to lay in bed and beat up bad guys in Spider-Man 2, but that’s about all it’s good for, and we’re pretty sure you can wait until the heat dies down.

What do you think? Are you a PS Portal fan? Let us know below!

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