Reed sensors are world’s smallest

Littelfuse has released the world’s smallest subminiature flange mount reed sensors, designated 59155 and 59156. Stated benefits include compact size, contactless activation and customization options.

Measuring 0.500 by 0.354 by 0.118in with normally open contacts, the sensors can switch 120VAC/170VDC at 10W. The case design allows M2 screw or adhesive mounting. Wires can exit left or right.

Applications include: small/major appliances; security/access control; factory automation; process equipment; proximity/limit sensing; and other IoT proximity sensing applications. The new reed sensors provide a customizable, space-saving design to meet different installation requirements. Contactless activation prevents exposure to humidity or dust, improving end equipment’s lifetime.

Littelfuse’s global market manager, Ryan Sheahen, said: “We understand the challenges that come with limited space in many applications, which is why we developed one of the world’s smallest reed sensors. This extends our leadership in offering one of the broadest and most comprehensive portfolio of magnetic sensing solutions to meet our customers’ needs.”


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