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Remnant 2 Ethereal Manor Guide

Our Remnant 2 Ethereal Manor Guide will go over how to escape the repeating nightmare, and the reward you’ll get for doing so.

The Ethereal Manor is part of the Awakened King DLC for Remnant 2, content which also includes new items and an Archetype to find. With the DLC installed, one of the areas you can potentially come across while in Losomn is the Sunken Haunt.

Character being grabbed by a man and told to wake up.

In the Sunken Haunt, you’ll be able to find a small manor off the beaten path. Attempting to approach the man on the second floor however will drag you into a nightmarish area known as the Ethereal Manor.

The manor’s exit is now blocked, and opening each of the doors seemingly leads back to the dreaming man who keeps telling you to wake up.

Looking into a room through the small window in a door.

How to Solve the Ethereal Manor Puzzle

The trick here is that you have to open each of the manor’s doors in a specific order. Doing so will lead you to a quest item called the Bloody Talisman. Thankfully, there’s a simple way to see which room is safe.

You can look through the small window at the top of each door, which will always give you a view of a chair. If it’s the wrong room, then the mysterious man will be sitting on it. If it’s right, the seat will be empty (some rooms even let you see the red glow of the key item).

Simply keep opening up the doors to the empty rooms and picking up the Bloody Talisman each time. While we can’t confirm if the order is random for each playthrough, our door order was:

Upper floor, first door
First door on right, bottom floor
Second door on right, bottom floor
Door on left at end of upper floor
Door on right at end of upper floor

After opening all 5 doors in the right order, you’ll get the Death-Soaked Idol Amulet, which increases damage to nearby enemies that are suffering from negative status effects. You’ll also be spit out back to the Sunken Haunt checkpoint.

That’s all for our Remnant 2 Ethereal Manor Guide! Make sure to check out more of our guides for the game below.

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