Resident Evil 4’s Ada Wong Takes the Stage in Sneak Peek

When Resident Evil 4 Remake launched, many fans were sad to see that Separate Ways was nowhere to be found, even though it was teased in the game’s ending. Fortunately, Capcom has rectified that glaring omission, bringing back Ada Wong for her own DLC.

Much like the original game, the DLC will follow the events of Resident Evil 4 from Ada’s perspective. While the main campaign portrayed her as aloof and up to her own adventures, the DLC will let players explore what Ada got up to while Leon conducted his long quest to rescue Ashley.

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Based on this initial sneak peek, it’s obvious that Ada is quicker and more versatile than Leon. With the use of a grappling hook, Ada is able to slingshot herself across the map to different vantage points. This will come in handy as she encounters a mob of monsters trying to take her down.

The DLC promises more of what fans loved with the main installment, with plenty of dropkicks that would make Leon proud. However, it’s also easy to see from this initial look that Ada will have her own strengths and advantages. One of the great things about Resident Evil is how it remixes and finds new playstyle avenues for its characters. So while the story may seem similar, the gameplay keeps things fresh. The DLC should offer a new perspective on the events of the fourth game.

Separate Ways DLC releases on September 21. Fans can also check out a new trailer below as well.

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