Reverse 1999 tier list October 2023

What is current Reverse 1999 tier list? That’s exactly what you’ll find below. Just in time for the anticipated launch of another chart-topping fantasy mobile RPG you can play on PC, we’ve ranked and rated the best Reverse 1999 characters available right now. And with a promise to gauge any new characters and re-evaluate older ones against the latest fighter, keeping up with the meta couldn’t be easier.

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Reverse 1999 tier list

Here’s the current Reverse 1999 tier list for October:


Charlie, Medicine Pocket, Voyager, Soweto, An-an- Lee, Bkornblume, Eternity, Changeling, Centurion, Black Dwarf

Leilana, Mondlicht, Tennat, Oliver Fog, Erick, Bette, Baby Blue, Regulus, Eagle, A Knight, Druvis III, Dikke

Satsuki, The Fool, Pavia, Click, APPLe, Lilya, Matilda, Necrologist, Twins Sleep, X, Balloon Party

Darley Clatter, Bunny Bunny, Nick Bottom, Cristallo, Sotheby, Ms. NewBabel, Sweetheart, Rabies

Ms. Moissan, Mesmer Jr. aliEn T, Door, 3nma

Poltergeist, John Titor, ONiON, TTT, Ms. Radio, Sputnik, TTT

Regulus from Reverse 1999.

How do we rank Reverse 1999 characters?

Reverse 1999 characters are graded not only by the possibilities they bring to the battlefield, but their rarity, ease of use, and the competition they face in their role. Character growth has also been taken into account, with some common characters excelling above others as they’re upgraded.

Rankings are also cross-referenced and compared to those of popular content creators and group discussions across the game’s active online communities. This helps to create an average ranking for each character based on early-game worth, endgame potential, and various other discussion-based theories.

The Reserve 1999 tier list doesn’t distinguish between a character’s role in your team. Their worth in your party will depend entirely on optimal team composition. Don’t expect a high-tier character to carry you through the game will no additional effort.

For example, if you’re unlucky enough to pull only high-tier healers or support characters, building a team with nothing but them simply because they rank higher than your other characters, you’ll potentially struggle more than you would with a balanced team of low-tier characters. Being a strategic turn-based team-building title, synergy between your characters should come above all else.

A top-tier character can only shine when paired with characters that properly enable their skills. At the same time, some high-ranking characters gain their spot not necessarily through their own damage-dealing potential but how their skills might heavily buff the output of the team as a whole.

Vertim from Reverse 1999.

When is the next new Reverse 1999 character banner?

With the game having only launched at the end of October 2023, it’s currently too early to tell for sure when a new Reverse 1999 character is set to arrive.

Rest assured, however, that as it’s a localized game from another region, there are already well over a dozen characters yet to be released. We’ll be updating the tier list for as long as they keep coming.

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