Roblox Is Coming To PlayStation

Roblox, the highly popular and highly controversial gaming platform that is available on PC, mobile devices, Xbox, and soon, PlayStation consoles.

The last time the question of Roblox coming to PlayStation came up, the big man Jim Ryan spoke about how it had yet to arrive on the platform due to concerns that it would “exploit” the younger players on the PlayStation platform.

And it was a legitimate concern. There have been a number of reported examples of how Roblox is essentially kept alive by child labour that the company exploits to grow its platform.

Investigative group People Make Games have published two videos on the subject, covering both how Roblox is exploiting its audience of which children make up the majority and how Roblox’s more than lax approach to community and content moderation has resulted in actual harm within its community being practically ignored.

But no matter its glaring issues, 65 million players is a lot to say no to. On paper, Roblox is extremely idealistic; a platform that’s kid-friendly and allows kids to learn how to make games themselves, and potentially turn their passion into a career.

The reality of what Roblox is only very partially lines up with those ideals, and instead Roblox is a flawed, and potentially dangerous platform in dire need of better regulations.

Despite that, the idea that PlayStation could start getting a cut of every Robux purchase being made through a PlayStation console sent too many dollar signs through Ryan’s and the shareholders eyes that no matter what terms of service concerns may have existed, money talks.

Yet only last month a lawsuit was brought to Roblox claiming that the company is running an “illegal gambling operation that is preying on children.”

There’s been no real sign from Roblox that it will change its ways in how it operates, which means the platform will continue to be a minefield of potential issues and dangers to kids.

It’ll be more a question of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’ one of those mines goes off, and while Roblox needs to be held accountable, at a certain point platform makers could be made to look in the mirror and recognize their part in it all.

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