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Rocksteady just dropped an update for Arkham Knight, briefly adding the Robert Pattinson Batman outfit and then swiftly removing it. It’s an incredibly random move given that Arkham Knight launched all the way back in 2015.

However, it could tie into the upcoming Nintendo Switch port. It’s possible that Rocksteady added new content to that version, and planned to drop it into the PC version on the same day. Maybe an employee just pressed the switch early. Oops!

Which Costume Did Rocksteady Drop in Arkham Knight?

The costume in question is from the 2022 blockbuster, The Batman. It features Robert Pattinson as a distinctly more emo Bats who tackles The Riddler and Penguin on the dark streets of Gotham.

Arkham Knight, meanwhile, is the final (for now) entry in the Arkham series, which saw Batman pretty much take on every single villain across the three entries. It kicked off with Arkham Asylum back in 2009, which played like a 3D metroidvania.

City and Knight followed, dropping the metroidvania format for an open world Gotham city. Knight expanded on the world with incredible visuals and the introduction of the batmobile.

Are There Any Future Plans For The Series?

Following Knight, the series went dormant. That is, until earlier this year when Rocksteady announced a trilogy of ports for Nintendo Switch. Batman: Arkham Trilogy is set to launch on December 1, and it includes enhanced versions of all three games.

Rocksteady hadn’t announced any new content for the three games, only committing to including all DLC in a single package. Introducing the R Pats costume is a nice touch though, and I’m sure Batfans (are they even called that?) will welcome it.

I’m feeling greedy though, and am pretty curious to see if any additional content will arrive. Could we see more costumes? Story DLC? The latter is probably unlikely, but I can sure hope.

Where Can I Get Batman: Arkham Trilogy?

You can pre-order Batman: Arkham Trilogy on the eShop to grab it as soon as it arrives on Switch.


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