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Rollbit Coin Price Prediction: RLB’s Losing Streak Continues As This Would-Be Gambling Champ Soars Past $3 Million In Presale

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The Rollbit Coin price dropped 1% in the last 24 hours to trade at $0.169 at 10:00 a.m. EST. 

The fall came despite the burning of 1.89 million RLB tokens in the past 24 hours. 


Rollbit Coin Price Prediction

Looking at 1 one-hour RLB/USD chart, the MACD is moving towards the red zone, showing fading bullishness on the Rollbit Coin price. The Relative Strength Index indicator is also on a downward trajectory, pointing towards a bearish short term. 

The 200-period moving average has exceeded the 50-period moving average, showing bear dominance on RLB. Looking at volatility, the Bollinger Bands are moving at a close distance, showing low volatility levels on the Rollbit Coin price.

However, these levels will likely increase due to increasing trading activities that have seen the trading volume surge by 84%.

Meanwhile, as the Rollbit price faces prospects of a bearish short-term, TG.Casino continues to make waves with its TGC token presale as more investors clamber aboard. TG.Casino’s presale has now surpassed $3.1 million.

After getting much attention from bettors, traders, and influencers, the TG.Casino team told the community about its plans. Stage 3 focused on marketing, community benefits, and building the TG.Casino team, and product development.

The fourth stage will focus on strengthening TG Casino’s long-term potential by looking for deals, making the environment more like a game, adding more community benefits, creating a full web casino, and setting a $100 million betting goal.

In Stage 5, the previous work will be brought back to life through new product development, a VIP chat, more community awards, hiring new people, and setting a $150 million betting goal. 

In the last stage, TG.Casino aims to reach a $225 million betting goal. Ultimately, these factors show TG.Casino’s complex and thorough strategy.

Rollbit Coin Price Prediction: Is TGC a Better Option?

TG.Casino has been praised by some of the best analysts in the business.

Prominent X experts including Eric Cryptoman, Little Mustacho, Poe, and Erik Stevens have all backed TG.Casino. Eric Cryptoman thinks it “could be a huge runner when it launches” because offers a better all round product than others in the market.

At the same time, YouTubers are also supporting TG.Casino. For example, Cryptonews called it the “Next 10x crypto sensation,” while Alessandro de Crypto called it the “next big hype.” 

TGC’s Tokenomics

TG.Casino’s cutting-edge tokenomics go well with its broad range of uses and buzz. It offers bonuses, 25% cashback on losses, access to unique games and rooms, and a 187.2% APY for betting.

It also has an exciting buyback feature that uses some of the casino’s profits to buy back TGC tokens from the open market. It will burn 40% of the tokens and give 60% to staking payouts.

This improves the supply and demand for TGC, which makes it deflationary and lets users gain from the casino’s success.

The presale will get 40% of the tokens, 20% to exchange liquidity, 20% to staking rewards, 10% to player rewards, 5% to friends, and 5% to marketing. This coin distribution greatly supports awards and involvement in the community while also ensuring the long-term growth of the project.

The presale price is set to increase in about two days, so people who want to get in at the best price should move quickly. So, as you watch the Rollbit Coin price, remember to visit TG.Casino.Visit TG.Casino here.

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