Rumour: An apparent SEGA America leak seems to confirm new Sonic for 2024 and Superstars DLC

A presentation has seemingly leaked from SEGA America and has since been deleted from a file hosting service. It suggests Sonic fans will get a new Sonic the Hedgehog game next year. The presentation, which revolves around the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, also states that the spiky blue hedgehog is the “Most Popular Game Character in America!!!” (which is up for debate). Some of the other things mentioned in the leak include a new Sonic mobile game and planned DLC for Superstars on an unspecified date. As always, this is a rumour, and if we hear anything concrete, we will provide updates.

Sonic 2024 rumour:

Knuckles TV Spin off, Q1 2024

Sonic Prime Season 3, Q1 2024

New Mobile Game, Spring 2024

Sonic SuperStars DLC

Prologue for New Game (most likely animated short or a comic)

New Game, Holiday 2024

Sonic 3, December 2024


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