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Samsung Galaxy Ring unlikely to go official with the Galaxy S24 series in Q1 2024

The Samsung Galaxy Ring, rumored to go official in January 2024 with the Galaxy S24 lineup, is now expected to be unveiled in Q3 2024 or Q1 2025, reports Korean publication The Elec.

The publication claims that the Samsung Galaxy Ring’s design isn’t finalized, and the Ring, in its current stage, supports multiple features but is too large for commercialization. Samsung is expected to reduce the Galaxy Ring’s size while implementing as many functions as possible.

Oura Ring
Oura Ring

Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy Ring won’t be sold in just one size since the Korean conglomerate is working on one Galaxy Ring model, which will come in four sizes. The brand has collaborated with multiple companies for the Galaxy Ring’s development, including Doosung Tech and Korea Seongjeon.

The source claims that Samsung plans to unveil the Galaxy Ring in Q3 2024 alongside the Galaxy Z Fold6 and Galaxy Z Flip6. However, that would be possible only if Samsung doesn’t apply for medical device certification for the Galaxy Ring, which could take months. If it does, the launch could be delayed to Q1 2025.

The publication says that Samsung is also considering a Galaxy Ring that can work with extended reality (XR) and mixed reality (MR) devices.

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