Series S and 60FPS

Series S and 60FPS

I just wanted to share some Series S data that I have been collecting.

the Data Dump :

2) explanation of the Data :

I have been watching Digital Foundry ( videos for last 5 years. Their PC/Console graphic and framerate analysis ones mainly. The above data has been compiled over the last 3 years from Nov, 2020 to Sept, 2023. It shows the gamewise graphic and framerate target of Series S.

Most games have a 30fps/quality mode and 60fps/performance mode. This data table has been made with a 60fps target in mind. If a game mentioned have a 60fps written it may also have a 30fps option. But if a game mentioned have 30fps written, it doesn't have any 60fps option.

In the first table. The first column contains Game Name. The second column contains the resolution it runs at to achieve the mentioned framerate. The third column contains the maximum framerate Series S can offer for the given game.

Consoles have Dynamic Resolution to hit the target framerate. I have mentioned the minimum resolution the game runs at to hit the specified framerate i.e. the worst case scenario.

In the second table. FHD means 1080p and Non-FHD means 1440p/900p/720p.

Most of the games mentioned were released in last 3 years while some old games have been patched to 60fps with/without any resolution increase.

3) Background Story :

I have been playing games for the last 10 years and have always played on PC (Didn't knew that Gaming consoles are a thing before 2016). Starting from a shitty laptop with intel integrated (480p low 20fps) to my current rig of RX6400 (1080p med 60ps). I have enjoyed my gaming years and have played on variety of hardware ranging from very bad to good.

In my experience framerate has the most impact while gaming, resolution comes secondary. Good framerate is key to enjoy the game (input lag/fluidity). Playing at 30fps feels like playing in slow motion to me now. I never liked the consoles PS4/Xbox1 due to them being limited to 30fps.

Come the winter of 2020, Series S gets announced claiming 1440p and 120fps. Going through it's spec sheets, I thought if this 4Tflop machine can do 1080p 60fps at 300$. It is going to be perfect machine for casual/occasional gamer with gamepass. It also didn't need a new 4K TV upgrade meaning you can continue using your old TV (savings).

I wanted to buy Series S for my sister but Corona and stock availabilty were an issue. So I dropped the idea. But I wanted to see how well does this little machine can perform. So I watched Digital Foundry on a regular basis and made up this data table. To my surprise it held up pretty well. It warms my heart to see that 4 out of 5 games can achieve 60fps and two third of those games can do so at 1080p. (PS4/XB1 had maybe 10% games at 60fps)

My sister has played some coop games with me during her holidays (she is college currently) and says she can differentiate between 60fps and 30fps but can't tell difference between 720p and 1080p until she is looking at them side by side. Low resolution is not a deal breaker for her as she barely play video games. My house has a 32inch 720p TV, so it will work fine for her then.

Now for the last 1 year prices have stabilized and I am once again interested. She is completing her college in next 3 months and I am thinking of getting a good christmas discount on Series S, so I can gift it to her. Along with gamepass it will be a nice combo.

I know that a console generation lasts for about 6-7 years. Out of which 3 years has already passed. Series S has performed really well till now in the cross gen era (upto winter 2023). I hope that it performs well when games are developed only for the current gen consoles (2024 onwards).

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