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Sims-Like Life by You Gets Extensive Gameplay Showing Character Customization & More

Paradox Tectonic released an extensive gameplay video of its life simulator Life by You, a promising competitor to EA’s The Sims franchise. 

The video shows pretty much raw gameplay played by studio head Rod Humble. The Sims veteran may very well be familiar with the game, as Humble contributed to make EA’s series great.

Ober a decade ago, he worked at Electronic Ats where he ultimately became head of the whole The Sims label with the fan-favorite The Sims 3 launching under his tenure before he left for Linden Lab, where he worked on Second Life. 

Ordering Espresso in Life by You

The gameplay showcases the character creation on top of what’s basically a day in the life of a couple of characters, between work and hobbies. 

We also get to see the hidden troves, which are basically small hiding spots where you can find ancient items that are said to be linked to crafting, a feature we still have to see. 

You can watch it below. If you want to read more about this promising competitor to The Sims, you can read my hands-on preview. 

If you’d like to see more about the game, you can check out more character customization and a discussion about its complex economy.

Life by You will launch in early access for PC on March 5, 2024. It was supposed to be out in September according to the initial reveal made by Paradox earlier this year, but it was recently delayed by several months to improve its initial quality and respond to fan feedback.

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