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BENGALURU: Several days after it escaped the Earth’s sphere of influence, India’s first solar space observatory, Aditya-L1, underwent a Trajectory Correction Manoeuvre (TCM). The Spacecraft is healthy and on its way to Sun-Earth Lagrange Point-1 (L1) 1.5 million-km away from Earth. The TCM, originally provisioned, was performed on October 6 for about 16 seconds, Isro said on Sunday, adding that the move was needed to correct the trajectory evaluated after tracking the Trans-Lagrangian Point-1 Insertion (TL1I) manoeuvre — an operation that put the spacecraft in its path to the final destination — performed on September 19, 2023. “TCM ensures that the spacecraft is on its intended path towards the Halo orbit insertion around L1. As Aditya-L1 continues to move ahead, the magnetometer will be turned on again within a few days,” Isro said.On September 30, the space agency had said Aditya-L1, had travelled beyond a distance of 9.2 lakh kilometres from Earth, successfully escaping the sphere of Earth’s influence. This is the second time in succession that Isro could send a spacecraft outside the sphere of influence of the Earth, the first time being the Mars Orbiter Mission.

ISRO advances Gaganyaan crew module development for abort test

Watch Aditya-L1 successfully escapes Earth’s influence, heads towards L1: ISRO

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