Sony Will Prioritize “Immersive Narratives” Over Graphics


Perhaps unsurprisingly, Sony is looking to prioritize memorable and immersive narratives over chasing the latest, cutting-edge graphics. This change may not surprise everyone, but anyone who has played some of the more recent games may be shocked to hear it.

Head of Product Asad Qizilbash discusses the shift in focus during an internal interview. It’s worth pointing that graphics will still be a thing that Sony will improve upon, but its focus will shift from chasing the graphics to betterment of the narratives. In the end, he feels that games are becoming “more personalized” thanks to updating tech and AI and that this shift is made to “resonate long after the controller is set down.”

“In terms of gaming’s future. I envision games becoming more personalized due to advances in technology and AI, enabling customized experiences for each player…The focus is going to shift from graphics or visuals to immersive narratives that resonate long after the controller is set down.”

What do you think? Are you interested in this new focus? Let us know below!

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