Spider-Man Fans Are Still Mad You Can’t Enter The Garage In Insomniac’s Newest Update


Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 surpasses MCU movies with Easter eggs, incredible Venom detail, and frustrating out-of-bounds areas in NYC. Insomniac Games releases patch with new suits, but some fans criticize game design for blocking areas, like parking garages. Fans defend game’s details, while others debate whether certain areas should be accessible or closed off for gameplay integrity.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was the superhero event of 2023, beating a majority of the released MCU movies in terms of story and overall hype. Over half a year later, fans are still finding hidden Easter eggs in the epic sequel, including an incredible Venom detail hiding within the PS5 controller, and some are also frustrated that a new patch has kept certain areas of New York City out of bounds for the web-slinger.

The Marvel GamerVerse has several exciting projects in the pipeline, such as Blade and Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra. But the next game on every comic-book fan’s mind is likely to be another masterpiece from Insomniac Games, when the team gives Wolverine the same Spider-Man treatment – let’s cross our fingers Logan’s suit selection is just as plentiful.


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Spider-Man Fans Want To Explore The Sequel’s Parking Garage

Insomniac released the latest patch for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 last week, introducing eight new suits for the friendly neighborhood superhero. The update also targeted community-requested features, feedback, and fixes and addressed accessibility blockers for some missions. One area that wasn’t addressed, however, is the city’s out-of-bounds areas.

Taking to social media, one content creator reposted an older clip from the sequel showing Spider-Man trying to enter a parking garage in the game and captioned “Yikes, now this is just bad game design.” As with most boundary blockers in games, Spider-Man was not able to enter the garage because of an invisible wall, and the ricochet caused the web-slinger to vault into the air.

The creator’s repost included a new clip of the same area after the recent patch had been uploaded, which showed the same impenetrable block in front of the garage that couldn’t be bypassed – even with Spidey’s symbiote powers. The new clip was captioned “I was really hoping that Insomniac would’ve fixed their bad game design by now, yikes.”

Jumping to Insomniac’s defense, several fans stated this was not a reasonable gripe to have about the game, highlighting it was just a blockade to stop players going where they shouldn’t be going. The creator’s response to this feedback was “They why don’t they just close the garage”. Another aggravated comment thought the creator was “mad because you can’t enter a garage…as Spider-Man…who has Spider-Powers and web-shooters…play a parking simulator if you want to enter a garage that badly.”

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 GOTY 2

There were a few spectators who defended the creator’s point, saying “I don’t know why they don’t just cover it with a gate or something. It’s so jarring just being open like that”. Another onlooker commented “So much stuff in these games just feels lazy”, however, the Spider-Man sequel has been praised for its attention to detail through Easter eggs and environments.

Generally, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 received positive reviews across the board, but, understandably, in-depth explorers will bring areas they feel are underbaked into the spotlight for other gamers to judge.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Released October 20, 2023


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