Spirent Unveils Industry-First Solution for Validating Resiliency ofCloud-Native 5G Services

CloudSure provides continuous, proactive validation to harness cloud-native efficiencies and ensure reliable operations

Spirent Communications plc, the leading provider of test and assurance solutions for next-generation devices and networks, today announced availability of the industry’s first fully cloud-native solution to help communication service providers (CSPs) and cloud-native network function (CNF) vendors ensure resilient 5G services. An automated test platform, Spirent CloudSure evaluates and validates CNF resiliency within 5G networks with comprehensive testing capabilities to help ensure reliable service delivery, while reducing operational costs, and optimizing customer experience.

“Cloud-native environments represent a revolutionary new technical approach that breaks a handful of highly reliable, vertically integrated 5G functions into thousands of individual software components that run on a cloud optimized for performance and cost, but not reliability,” said Glenn Chagnot, Senior Director of Product Management for Cloud Solutions at Spirent. “Cloud-native marginalizes traditional testing and visibility approaches, demanding completely new processes and tooling to realize the potential benefits. CloudSure provides proactive, pre-deployment validation to test 5G services with real-world traffic operating on an imperfect cloud to ensure services are resilient and always available in operations.”

CloudSure has been engineered to help network operators deliver robust and resilient 5G services to end users in the complex, highly dynamic, cloud-native world. It enables:

Reliable service delivery: Confirms 5G cloud-native network functions operate reliably under the most challenging cloud conditions for uninterrupted service delivery and long-term revenue growth.
Reduced operational costs: Optimizes resource utilization and validates complex fault recovery mechanisms to avoid costly outages, 5G service interruptions and reduce operating expenses.
Enhanced customer experience: Ensures resilient 5G service design, configuration, and performance to deliver high-quality user experiences to improve customer satisfaction and retention.
Competitive advantage: Enables reliable, high-performing 5G services that meet customer expectations consistently, for a competitive edge in 5G and to attract new customers.

“Cloud-native deployment models are emerging as the foundation of 5G networks, yet CSPs are grappling with the challenge that each CNF has unique performance expectations within the cloud environment,” said Gorkem Yigit, Principal Analyst at Analysys Mason. “Spirent CloudSure steps in to help CSPs gain control over the complexity of these environments through validation, enabling them to deliver high-quality 5G services while realizing the efficiencies and operational benefits of the cloud.”

Ensuring 5G services survive cloud failures and degradations with minimal or no impact to users is essential to successful cloud-native technology adoption. A proactive approach and deeper cross-functional coordination are required to manage the complex and dynamic new environment, to get ahead of technology changes and gain visibility into the new, interdependent cloud-native worlds, with multiple vendors and constant release cycles.

CloudSure provides the new approach required by network operators to ensure 5G service resiliency, optimization and new service acceleration necessary for maximizing long-term revenue and ensuring reliable operations. CloudSure also complements Spirent’s market-leading Landslide 5G network test solution by injecting user-defined real-world cloud impairments and correlating their impact on cloud-native 5G services.

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