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Star Citizen Videos Featuring “Garman Humble” Leave the Community Confused and Amused

Today Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games released two funny narrative videos featuring “Garman Humble, Security Professional,” leaving the community wondering.  

The videos star a rough and gruff but likable “freelance security professional” named Garman Humble as he tackles criminals in the verse.

The first has Garman rescuing someone being mugged in Area 18, at the core of the Coruscant-like urban planet of ArcCorp. After neutralizing the aggressor, our hero proceeds to enjoy a burrito, which happens to be a staple food in Star Citizen. 

Star Citizen Video - Garman Humble Squatting

The video doesn’t really include much in terms of exposition, but it’s a good look at Aera 18, which despite having been implemented years ago, it’s definitely rather spectacular. 

You can watch it below.

The second video is even more interesting as it moves on to Pyro, the brand-new system, with completely new planets that has just been implemented in its own test environment and will soon (hopefully) be integrated with Stanton via a jump point.

This time around, we get to see one of the most technically impressive elements of Star Citizen, the ability to carry vehicles and spaceships inside other spaceships and, if you so wish, operate them in flight and even jump out. 

Of course, this also ends with a well-deserved burrito.

While both videos are very amusing and are a good dramatization of a few interesting things you can do in the game, they also have left the community a bit confused. 

Cloud Imperium Games did not provide any explanation at all about their existence or their purpose.

Are they just entertainment? Are they supposed to celebrate the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo and its free-fly event? Are they a replacement for Jax McCleary and his Top Gear spoofs that were a staple of IAE during previous years before their protagonist got lost in the Pyro system? Perhaps they could even be a tease of the overhauled bounty hunter system. 

There’s no way to know since Cloud Imperium Games has not said a word about them yet. 

In the meanwhile, Star Citizen can be played freely until November 30, so you can test it out for yourself, alongside over 100 of its ships and vehicles, to see if you can replicate Garman Humble’s deeds.

Star Citizen is pretty much in an alpha early access state for PC (no other platforms are planned) and it’s funded by one of the biggest crowdfunding campaigns ever, with $627,781,787 pledged by players. It also boasts 4,907,181 registered users, but not all of them are paid. Many just made accounts to enjoy free events like the one going on right now.

A single-player prequel titled Squadron 42 is also in the works, and we just heard that it’s feature-complete. The announcement of a release date is still pending.

Full disclosure: the author of this article backed Star Citizen’s crowdfunding campaign.

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