Star Wars Eclipse “Still Exists” Insists Quantic Dream

Quantic Dream is insisting that Star Wars Eclipse still exists despite not hearing much of the game this entire year.

IGN got some answers about what’s going on with development during an interview at the Tokyo Game Show. According to the VP of marketing, Lisa Pendse, the game’s development is “simmering.”

We know a fair about the game in some capacity, David Cage has spoken on the game as recently as last year — also with IGN — about how Eclipse will be like the studio’s other games — no death screens, multiple playable characters, and branching narratives. So, we’re led to believe this is gonna be like Detroit: Become Human or Heavy Rain, just with a Star Wars coat of paint, right? Ehh… it’s also an action-adventure, which throws a curveball.

What do you think? How do you feel about Star Wars Eclipse? Let us know below!

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