Starbreeze Studios Reveals New Payday 3 Characters and a DLC Roadmap

Developer Starbreeze Studios has released an action-packed trailer for Payday 3, showing off a brand-new character and the return of an old favorite. The studio also revealed its DLC roadmap for the third entry in its high-stakes heist game ahead of the release of Payday 3 on PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox Series X|S on September 21.

Starbreeze reveals two new Payday 3 launch characters and four planned DLC packs

As reported by VGC, a new trailer for Payday 3 gives gamers their first glimpse of the recently revealed characters, Pearl and Snow, who will be joining the game’s launch lineup. Payday 2 alum Joy will be returning to the franchise to serve as the group’s hacker once again, while the all-new character Pearl is an expert con artist and infiltrator. The trailer shows the duo pulling off a portside heist before things go south and they are forced to mow down waves of responding officers to make their daring escape.

Alongside the reveal of the new Payday 3 characters, Starbreeze also released its DLC plans for the highly-anticipated sequel. A post on the official Payday 3 Twitter account earlier this week outlined the developer’s plans for add-on content over the next year, with four DLC entries currently set to be released between the game’s launch later this month and Fall 2024. Though no information about what all will be included in the quarterly DLC releases was provided, it’s possible they could see the gang traveling outside of Payday 3’s New York City setting to pull off a heist in a new locale.

Gamers hoping to try Payday 3 ahead of its September 21 launch can take part in an open beta that launched today and runs through September 11. However, its limited availability is likely to lead to some frustration. While players on PC and Xbox Series X|S are free to take part in the game’s brief test period, the Payday 3 closed beta won’t be coming to PS5 for reasons that are still unclear. Unfortunately for PS5 players, they’ll have to wait for Payday 3’s official launch to get their hands on new additions Joy and Pearl and all their criminal cohorts.

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