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Starfield Exceeded 1 Million Concurrent Players on Launch Day

Bethesda’s latest RPG Starfield has officially been released today following a few days of early access, and it appears to be off to a great start in terms of player counts according to Phil Spencer. 

The executive posted on X (formerly Twitter) announcing that the game has surpassed 1 million concurrent players across all platforms today. 

He also offered his congratulations to the developers at Bethesda Studios and his thanks to the players who made the milestone possible. 

“Starfield exceeded 1 million concurrent players across all platforms today. Thanks to all the players who helped us reach this great milestone and congrats to the @BethesdaStudios”

Starfield Motivational Poster "nothing is beyond our reach when we work together"

It’s worth mentioning that this doesn’t mean that Starfield has passed one million players cumulatively, but that at some point during the day, over one million players were playing Bethesda’s RPG at the same time.

Likely, the cumulative player count is much higher, and we should probably expect a more specific announcement about it at some point soon.

It’ll certainly be interesting to see if the game will manage to get close to the numbers achieved by its fantasy predecessors, but so far, so good. 

Starfield is currently available for Xbox Series X|S and PC (via Steam and Windows Store), and Game Pass.

If you want to read more about the game or if you are on the fence about whether you should grab a copy, you can read our detailed review, in which our Erren Van Duine explained that “Starfield’s biggest strength is its complimentary content – sidequests, exploration, and more will gather your attention for hours despite a less-than-compelling narrative.”

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