Starfield Update 1.7.36 for Xbox only adds one new feature, but it’s a big one

Starfield Update 1.7.36 is here with a feature that players have been begging for since launch — a field of view (FOV) adjuster.

There is a relatively short change list for this latest Starfield update, posted on the Bethesda website, but given that one of the changes is to add a massively requested feature, we’ll let Bethesda off. You can finally adjust your field of view in Starfield, in both first-person and third-person viewpoints. The default FOV settings in Starfield aren’t horrendously restrictive, but being able to adjust your FOV is just such a common and expected thing these days, so it was weird to see it absent at launch.

Outside of this, update 1.7.36 has a load of unspecified “stability and performance improvements” and a fix for the Echoes of the Past questline. Previously, there was an issue where tunnelling creatures could pick a location that would prevent player progression — that has been fixed.

There is also a PC specific update to improve performance and stability on Intel Arc GPUs, which is great news if you’re bouncing between PC and Xbox like us.

Starfield has had its share of bugs since it launched, but they’ve been mostly harmless, and occasionally amusing, like the puddle that let you steal a shop’s entire inventory. Sadly that one was fixed in September’s Starfield update 1.7.33. To be honest, this had probably been Bethesda’s least buggy launch in… well ever.

We’re huge fans of Starfield here at TA, (check out our Starfield review where we gave it a 9/10) and it’s great to see the regular updates flowing forth. We might have a while to wait for more substantial updates, DLCs, and mod support, but that’s fine, we can distract ourselves with these awesome Starfield ship designs while we wait.

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