Suicide Squad game’s Metropolis is “twice the size of Arkham City”

Suicide Squad is gearing up to be one of the biggest DC game releases yet, with the promise of thrilling action-adventure gameplay and a story set after the events of Arkham Knight. It’s Rocksteady Studios’ first game to not feature Batman as its central character, instead focusing on the comic series’ iconic crew of supervillains as they take the Justice League on. In the developer’s first Insider episode, the studio reveals more of Suicide Squad’s story and explores Metropolis’ size.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is one of the DC community’s most highly anticipated upcoming PC games. It offers a fresh Batman Arkham experience, revolving around the Suicide Squad rather than DC’s winged hero himself. The series’ fifth installment also features Kevin Conroy’s final voice performance as Batman. We now know just how big Suicide Squad is gearing up to be as Rocksteady dives into the lore, the way the story affects how you play characters, and the size of Metropolis.

The developer says that Suicide Squad’s Metropolis is massive, referring to it as “twice the size of Arkham City” from the previous Batman game.  Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and King Shark’s traversal through the city is central to the player experience, as the dev reveals how simple movement through the city is going to be “fun.” The way each villain gets through Metropolis is unique to their background, and Rocksteady states that  just”existing and moving around in Metropolis is a good time.”

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For instance, Deadshot’s traversal lets him create vantage points. This fits his weapon loadout well, as he uses long-range guns like sniper rifles. On the other hand, Harley Quinn has a grapple that lets you “take advantage of the environment.” If you want to succeed as any of the villains, you’ll “need to master each character’s movements.” According to Rocksteady, “traversal is the very core” of the upcoming Suicide Squad game and plays heavily off the lore itself.

Rocksteady also describes Metropolis as “the city of tomorrow,” saying that players will know the game’s take on the comic-book location “for its size, its scale.” The team plans to constantly update Suicide Squad after the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League release date and make it even bigger, with a “huge amount of free content” to come post-launch. The next Insider episode will discuss the plans more, with a “sneak preview” of the game’s combat.

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