Tales of Arise Gets an Unexpected Expansion Two Years Later

Here’s one that wasn’t on the bingo card: Tales of Arise, Bandai Namco’s 2021 RPG hit, is getting an unexpected expansion two years after the game first came out.

Announced at today’s State of Play, we got a look at the expansion, Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn, which will include what seems like a pretty hefty chunk of new content. It is set after the original game and features the return of the original game’s cast as well.

Tales producer Yusuke Tomizawa said in a PlayStation Blog entry that the expansion will be a direct continuation of the original story and that it will feature a new character named Nazamil, who is the daughter of a “lord who stood in the way of the player in the main story of Arise.”

Tales of Arise features a brand-new character in Nazamil.
Tales of Arise features a brand-new character in Nazamil.

“Since the release of Arise, we have received many requests from people who have enjoyed the main story for a continuation of the story and the development team has had in-depth discussions and deliberations on what kind of significance and appeal would be necessary if we were to seriously go beyond the original story. It was also a way for us to reflect on what Arise was for us,” Tomizawa said.

Tomizawa also said that new story is “enormous,” featuring more than 20 hours of new gameplay.

Tales of Arise was the winner of our award for the best RPG of 2021, with our review praising its “beautifully realized world” and “story that isn’t afraid to tackle heavy subjects.” Here’s hoping the DLC can live up to the praise the base game garnered at the time.

The new expansion will be out November 9. You can read our full recap of everything shown at PlayStation’s State of Play for September right here.

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