The Analogue 3D: reviving nostalgia with N64


Analogue, renowned for producing retro gaming consoles from SNES to Game Boy, is making waves with their latest venture: the Analogue 3D, a Nintendo 64-compatible machine. While the price and release date remain undisclosed, the absence of an official N64 Mini from Nintendo and the inconsistencies in emulated N64 games ported to Switch Online set the stage for a potentially colossal launch for Analogue. This news may evoke mixed feelings, considering the challenges faced during the Analogue Pocket pre-order phase. Nevertheless, it’s a boon for N64 game collectors aspiring to experience their cherished titles at optimal quality. The Analogue 3D boasts 4K video output and compatibility with an 8BitDo wireless controller via Bluetooth. Leveraging FPGA technology, the console enables gameplay at the hardware level, mitigating the lag and output complications often associated with emulated solutions. According to Christopher Taber, the founder of Analogue, this console resolves the issues that plague software emulation, a domain where even Nintendo faces stumbling blocks.

An important aspect to note is that Analogue’s devices are exclusively designed for original cartridges, with no official endorsement for copyrighted ROMs. Although fans have previously found ways to jailbreak the devices and load games without cartridges, the company emphasizes its commitment to genuine gaming experiences. With a focus on players possessing a library of N64 classics, such as Mario Kart 64, Super Smash Bros. 64, Golden Eye 007, and Wave Race 64, the Analogue 3D offers an opportunity to relive cherished multiplayer gaming moments in a flawless 4K rendition.


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