The best gadgets in The Finals


The gadgets in The Finals are more than just what separates the game from the rest of the first-person shooters out there; they can be what creates the winning team. These are what I consider to be some of the best gadgets you can equip to get ahead.

The top 5 gadgets to use in The Finals

Of course, this list is subjective. These are just the ones I enjoyed using the most and found the most useful. I think you will find that when used correctly, they are some of the best gadgets in The Finals.

Zipline (light only)

The best gadgets in The Finals
PC Invasion

One way to stay ahead of the pack in The Finals is to use a zipline. These tools can be thrown onto a surface to create an instant zipline across the map. They have excellent range and have enormous amounts of potential.

I use them for both breaching into buildings or onto rooves from unexpected angles. They are also an amazing tool for blasting out of a conflict you know you can’t win. The light class in The Finals needs all the help they can get when in a one-on-one. This gadget is the one to keep you unpredictable, mysterious, and deadly.

Jump Pad (medium only)

The best gadgets in The Finals
PC Invasion

The jump pad cannot be overstated as one of the best gadgets in The Finals. Again, it is a tool that can be used defensively and aggressively. One of my favourite ways to utilize it in The Finals is by placing it at a choke point in the game. I have used it to defend points by placing it under a window or door I know will be breached. Good luck aiming straight when you’re unexpectedly blasted into the air.

Again, like the zipline gadget in The Finals, it is an excellent way to get around the map and attack from unexpected angles. The nice thing about the jump pad is its ability to be used by the whole team.

Pyro Grenade (heavy and light only)

The best gadgets in The Finals
PC Invasion

Area denial is an essential part of The Finals, and so I think that the Pyro Grenade deserves a spot in the best gadgets list. The pyro grenade explodes into a huge surface of fire, coating anything it touches. This can be launched into a room full of people for some serious carnage.

The downpoint of the Pyro grenade over the regular frag is the slow burn damage. However, I like this as it causes panic and confusion, even if it isn’t usually an instant kill.

Defibrillator (medium only)

The best gadgets in The Finals
PC Invasion

Three is a crowd, but it isn’t an army. Therefore, keeping as many of your squad alive in The Finals is essential. The Defibrillator gets a place in the best gadgets list in The Finals for this reason.

Reviving teammates takes a long time. Time that leaves you very vulnerable. With the Defibrillator, you can instantly revive a squad mate and have them back in the game. Keeping your numbers up will push you so much closer to success. Obviously, nobody wants to go it alone.

Thermal Vision (light only)

The best gadgets in The Finals
PC Invasion

It’s as OP as it gets when used properly. If you’re playing The Finals with a bunch of mates on team chat, then having a light player with Thermal Vision immediately gives you all a huge head start. Popping this bad boy reveals everyone within sight via thermal vision.

If this is combined with smoke or other vision-denying gadgets, you essentially become Predator. Seeing through walls and picking out enemies for your heavy can result in some juggernaut-style kills. Just point them out and watch the rubble tumble. Thermal vision, when used well, can easily be one of the best gadgets in The Finals.

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