The explosive revelations of Caroline Ellison: Law Decoded By Cointelegraph

Last week, the FTX court saga had elements of a TV drama, with Sam “SBF” Bankman-Fried’s former business associate and girlfriend, Caroline Ellison, sharing some shocking stories about SBF’s rule over the company. Ellison admitted to fraud during her time as CEO at Alameda under Bankman-Fried’s direction. However, she blamed the misuse of FTX user funds directly on SBF, claiming he “set up the systems” that led to Alameda taking roughly $14 billion from the exchange.

Ellison revealed that Alameda’s bad loans created market panic around FTX, causing users to withdraw their funds. FTX then paused withdrawals to contain the situation, and the exchange came crashing down within days. When one of the employees attending the meeting asked Ellison how FTX intended to pay back its customers, she said the crypto exchange was planning to raise further funds to fill the gap.

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